SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - Sand Springs Police arrested a man they say led them on a dangerous chase after trying to take money from a convenience store ATM.

Investigators in Osage County believe the suspect, Eric Staab, could be tied to other burglaries and there could be more suspects. Osage County deputies say while investigating this attempted burglary, they connected Staab to another ATM burglary at a Sand Springs convenience store in October.

"We did have a video from the store of two gentlemen entering the store with a power saw and cutting open the ATM. Then them leaving the scene," said Osage County Lt. Steve Talburt.

After arresting Staab, Osage County Deputies say the investigation led them to suspect Staab in a 2018 ATM burglary at Big Al's in Sand Springs. Investigators say he could be tied to a residential burglary as well. 

"They cut their way into the store and cut the ATM open with a grinder," said Lt. Talburt.

Lt. Talburt says the crimes looked the same in the security video but says in the one last  October, Staab had a different partner.

"He was in involved in both of the burglaries. There were two separate gentlemen that were involved in the other two," said Lt. Talburt.

Talburt says arresting Staab was a result of teamwork between Sand Springs officers and Osage County deputies.

"It is an awesome thing to be able to have agencies work together because I mean it helps us, it helps them,” he said.

Staab is only in jail on a complaint of eluding police, which is a felony. Deputies expect to make more arrests in the case.