TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say a man beat his pregnant girlfriend so badly it killed her unborn child.  The girlfriend, Allyssa Fielding, is on life support, and not expected to survive.

Police responded to the Sawmill Apartments Monday evening after a woman reported her son, Colby Wilson, had called her threatening to commit suicide.

However, when officers arrived, "We found a victim receiving CPR from the suspect's mother. She didn't have a heartbeat, and her unborn 6-month-along baby did not have a heartbeat," according to Tulsa Police Sergeant Shane Tuell.

Fielding was taken to a hospital, where she remained on life support Tuesday evening. 

The couple had come to the attention of officers before, when Wilson was arrested for beating Fielding. She was hospitalized, and officers described her injuries included a broken nose, broken facial bones, and a broken hand. She had been beaten with an extension cord and had broken ribs, plus bruises from past injuries, according to court documents.

Tulsa's Family Safety Center had offered help to Fielding then, and Wilson was sent to prison for 18 months. He was released last fall.

Fielding was the first woman killed after taking all of the steps recommended by the Family Safety Center, but she also returned to her abuser, as experts say the victims of domestic violence often do.

"There wasn't much more that could be done until she was willing to make the change herself," said Suzann Stewart, the Director of the Center. She remembered the original case well because Fielding's injuries were so extreme.

In the arrest report, police say Colby Wilson had blood on his clothes and a fresh cut to his knuckles when they first spoke with him.

"So if you stay in that relationship, for whatever reason, if you believe you can change them or believe they have something to offer you, the only thing they potentially have to offer you is an early grave," said Sergeant Shane Tuell.

Police say Wilson beat her again Monday, leaving her with skull fractures and collapsed lung. Wilson is now facing several charges, including first-degree murder and assault with intent to kill.