TULSA, Oklahoma - Two people were arrested after a man's body was discovered in a ditch alongside a rural road near 56th Street North.

Police say they think the man was transported to that location after he had been dead for over a week.

Police arrested Lula Harris and Nayda Irizarry for unauthorized removal of a dead body. According to the arrest report, the victim was in a relationship with Harris and she says he killed himself in the apartment on April 8th.

Police say Harris found the man dead in the bathroom but left the body in the apartment for days while she and her roommate continued on with their daily lives. Harris says they eventually dumped the body on the side of the road. 

Irizarry says she didn't know anything about this and denies helping transport the remains. 

Although the arrest report identifies the victim, police say they are still working to inform family members.