TULSA, Oklahoma - One of the high-crime motels near 11th Street and Garnett failed to sell in an auction Wednesday. 

There were a few potential buyers and a couple of offers, but in the end, the property was not sold. 

An auctioneer company out of Oklahoma City hosted Wednesday's auction inside the hotel. Police said they've responded to a lot of calls at the Oak Tree Inn over the years.

It's one of several hotels near 11th Street and Garnett where police say there's a lot of crime -- whether it's drug activity or stabbings and shootings.

The City of Tulsa Code Enforcement sent a notice to the hotel's owners earlier this month, saying they were violating a chronic nuisance property ordinance and told them to follow an action plan on getting up to code. 

Auctioneers posted information and pictures of the hotel on its website.