TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man is on trial for child abuse and child neglect after doctors say he shook and beat his three-month-old daughter until she had brain damage.

Thomas Calloway is accused of shaking, bruising and even dropping his daughter. A doctor told the jury the infant had fractures in her legs and ribs, bleeding in her eyes, and evidence of brain damage.

In a recorded conversation with police, Calloway initially blamed the injuries on the family's dog but eventually admitted it was a "possibility" he shook his daughter and squeezed her a little too tight.

The doctor also said the baby was extremely underweight and malnourished, but Calloway told police he always fed her until she wouldn't eat anymore.

Calloway and the baby's mother were both charged in the case. Ashleigh Slack pleaded guilty last month to child neglect and was given five years probation.

Calloway faces up to life in prison if the jury finds him guilty.