NOWATA, Oklahoma - The Boys and Girls Club of Nowata is closed for the day after the heavy rain flooded its building Tuesday night, April 30. 

Leaders at the Boys and Girls Club of Nowata said they had a few inches of water get into the building, and they’re having to spend the day cleaning it all up.  

When you walk in, you’ll see wet floor signs and soaking wet towels where club administrators tried to keep water from getting everywhere. 

It flooded classrooms, restrooms and storage areas. It's expected to cost at least tens of thousands of dollars to make repairs. 

CEO Treasure Standeford announced on Facebook that the Boys and Girls Club would be closed Wednesday, but volunteers still showed up to fill backpacks with food for kids.

Standeford says water damage is nothing new for this old building, but it’s frustrating because their students may have nowhere to go after school.

“Above all else, our goal is to be able to provide a safe place for our kids after school and at this point, we’re unable to do that," said Treasure Standeford, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Nowata.