TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man is headed to trial after police say he stalked his ex-girlfriend then tried to kidnap her with plans to kill her.

The woman said the man was never abusive to her when they actually dated but things escalated after they broke up. She said her ex tormented her for weeks.     

It all came to a head in the Catoosa Walmart parking lot. where she said Travis Wilson attacked her.

Wilson watched in court Friday as his accuser told the judge she broke up with him late last year because he had a drug problem. She testified Wilson hid a GPS tracker in her car and even got a job at her workplace.       

Wilson later told police he knew her exact schedule; when she left for work, how long it took her to get there, and that she almost always stopped at the Catoosa Walmart.       

The woman told the judge it was at that Walmart where Wilson jumped into her car and began tasing her. Fortunately, police were patrolling the area at the time and came to her rescue.

"For them to be in the right place at the right time to stop that is perfect,” Catoosa Police Officer Brent Colbert said. “We don't know what could've happened at that point."

An officer testified today they found two gas cans, duct tape, and electric tape, along with rope and zip ties on Wilson that day. The officer told the court it was the makings of a rape kit.   

Wilson goes back to court in June.