EDMOND, Oklahoma - The City of Edmond won't meet with the parents of a teen killed by an officer. 

According to a spokesman for the City of Edmond, Isaiah Lewis' parents requested a sit down meeting in a letter addressed to the city manager, mayor and police chief.

Edmond’s city manager and police chief “respectively declined.” While the letter expressed their sympathies, the City said they did not feel a meeting would be fruitful, feeling the family had already reached their conclusion.

On April 29, Lewis, a high school senior, ran into a stranger’s home. Police said he appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic.

“The female involved in the domestic and original call had stated he was acting irrational and abnormal and was stripping off clothing and was running down the street,” said Edmond Police spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon.

According to police, officers chased after Lewis and scuffled inside a home. Police said they used a taser, but it was unsuccessful.

And while officers were injured, an unarmed Lewis was shot several times and died.

“The hardest thing I had to do is look at my child laying in a casket with part of his face missing,” said mother Vicki Lewis.

In a letter, which calls the shooting unjustified, Lewis' mother and father expressed their disappointment in the City saying in part, "The City of Edmond and the Edmond Police Department have failed Isaiah and our community." It goes on to say, "We implore you not to fail us again."

In its own letter, the City expresses condolences, but points out the family had an opportunity to meet with officers earlier but did not.

The City also said it believes the Lewis family has made up its mind, pointing out the title of the letter, which calls the shooting unjustified along with other similar references.

The city manager and the police chief concluded by telling the Lewis family they believe the investigation is almost complete and will likely be turned over the DA next week.