NORMAN, Oklahoma - A former addict testified in Oklahoma's opioid trial Friday, telling the judge it was easy to find painkillers on the streets when his doctor wouldn't prescribe them anymore.

John McGregor testified on Day 9 of the historic trial. He says he lived a normal life in Norman until a doctor prescribed him an opioid for lingering pain from a childhood surgery.

He said he felt like he was addicted to painkillers the very first time he popped one into his mouth.

He said he was born with a condition that caused his chest to grow inward, and although he had surgery to correct it when he was still a toddler he was still having pain issues after high school.

He said his doctor gave him a Lortab prescription with no refills, but McGregor told the judge when the pills ran out, he turned to the streets.

McGregor eventually started using heroin, and stealing to fuel his addiction.

"I got to the point where I couldn't get out of bed unless I had it," he said. "I didn't even want to answer the phone unless I knew you were going to help me get a pill."

The Johnson & Johnson attorney asked McGregor is he'd ever used their Fentanyl patch.

McGregor said addicts felt Fentanyl patches were the next level of drug usage, and a death sentence, so he steered clear from them.