ALTUS, Oklahoma - U.S. Marshals are still searching for a couple accused of abusing their own children, and then running out of the state.

Investigators are now offering $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of 27-year-old Hakim Moore and 29-year-old Robin Alexander.

On June 10, 2019, a “Failure to Appear” warrant was issued for the couple out of in Jackson County Oklahoma. Moore and Alexander are wanted on three counts of Child Abuse, one count of Child Neglect, and one count of Enabling Child Neglect.

During the investigation, the Altus Police Department received information that both subjects had fled to St. Louis, Missouri, trying to evade capture.

Moore and Alexander have five children in common. Three children are currently in Oklahoma State’s custody. They were located in Oklahoma and are currently listed in critical condition. The fourth child was found dead, and the fifth child has not been located. The fifth child was born in a hotel room and is currently undocumented.

But those who knew the suspects said there is much more to this story.

“I am every type of emotion you can have. I mean, it's overwhelming to think, you know. It's really sad,” said the couple’s former employer.

News 9 is not identifying the business, because it is not involved in the case.

The sources who worked alongside Moore and Alexander said they never suspected abuse or neglect.

They had always regarded them as “attentive” and “nurturing” parents.

However, they have since become concerned about why the couple left town.

“I am upset that they ran. You don't run. But I am upset that they ran, and I don't know what they were running from,” said the business owner.

According to the above source, he knew the couple planned on taking a trip to see family in early June.

At the time, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“They were going to see their new baby. The new baby was with, I believe, Robin's mother,” he said.

But later, the couple didn’t show up for work. They have also deactivated Facebook and their phone was disconnected. That employer said he called the couple’s former attorney, who allegedly said he never knew that Robin was pregnant.  They believe that is the “undocumented” baby mentioned by law enforcement.

There was another item that seemed strange to the couple’s former boss. The Facebook post mentioned that “the fourth child was located deceased.”

However, those who knew Moore and Alexander said they had lost a child, but it was about two years earlier.

“Had a seizure in the bathtub, and when she got to the hospital, she was medi-flighted to OU and during that medi-flight is when she passed away,” said the former employer.

News 9 asked for court documents involving that death but was told they were not immediately available.

Wednesday, July 3 police said the investigation regarding the December 2017 death is still under investigation.

However, the affidavits provided detail an investigation from September 2018. One affidavit stated that three of the juvenile children had signs of abuse.

According to investigators, there were “wounds that were now scars”, and that it “appeared to be ongoing.” They also said that two younger children were underweight and malnourished.  

Again, those who know the couple dispute that.

A coach who taught one of the children Jiu Jitsu, said she never saw any indication that the child was being abused. In fact, she said Alexander even attended some of the classes.

“Even Robin, with their youngest baby would be back there,” she said. “The baby would cry, or needed attention, she would pick up the baby and nurse in the gym.”

She was under the impression that the current court proceedings were going in favor of the couple.

However, she said that’s what Moore and Alexander told her.

Both sources said no one will know the truth until more facts come to the surface. They said they are confident there is more to come.

Law enforcement is currently attempting to locate Moore and Alexander, as well as the minor child. Anyone with information regarding their whereabouts is asked to contact the local authorities immediately.