STILLWATER - News 9 first brought you this story back in January, after a 7-week-old puppy went through extensive surgery at Oklahoma State's Veterinary Hospital. The puppy named Milo was born with upside down paws. 

Milo’s now six months post-surgery and exceeding all expectations.

Jennie Hays of Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary took Milo in at just four weeks old, after his original caregivers noticed he had what they called a "defect". Hays and her family quickly took Milo to OSU's Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.

“It’s hard to think back that he was so small and so, I hate to use the word broken, but I mean he couldn’t hardly do anything,” Hays said. 

Milo’s condition was identified as congenital dislocation of both elbows, making two paws face upward.

Dr. Erik Clary has been performing surgery for over 25 years and said this is extremely rare. But six months ago, Dr. Clary and his team performed the complicated corrective surgery on Milo.

“Certainly, it’s an opportunity to educate our students. Not just on Milo’s condition and what could be done, but just on the importance of collaborating together with the pet owner,” said Dr. Clary. 

Milo was placed in a front body splint. There was no guarantee the surgery would be a success. But Dr. Clary, and the Hays family were hopeful.

“He never lost his bark. He has always had a lot to say. That certainly didn’t change,” Hays said. 

Soon after, the pins in his elbows were removed, and rehabilitation started immediately.

Milo is now running, playing, and swimming like any 8-month-old puppy would.

Milo has become nationally, even internationally recognized because of his transformation. He’s given hope to many pet owners who is furry companions also face tough medical obstacles.