STILLWATER - In many domestic abuse situations, pets can be the one factor that keeps a person from leaving, but a student at Oklahoma State University thinks shes found something that can help.

For Jonna Whetsel, what was originally a school project, has now turned into a nationwide database for animals who are suffering from domestic abuse relationships.

"Many women will postpone leaving the dangerous situation if they can't bring pets with them. So a lot of domestic violence facilities don't have resources to house pets, this puts them in a very bad situation," said Whetsel.

Through her website, the Network for Pets of Domestic Violence Victims, Whetsel hopes this major problem can be solved. Veterinarians, shelters, and anyone willing to help can submit their information to the network of databases.

"I put that in the database and match them with a domestic violence shelter based on location. Then I provide the contact information to the domestic violence shelter," she said. 

This database isn't just for dogs and cats. Those who take care of different animals like birds and even horses can put their information in the database. Whetsel said she's already seen people interested.

"I've had submissions from California to Maine. There has been a lot of people who are willing to help, and domestic violence shelters would never know that these veterinarians would be willing to help them if I didn't have this to submit to them," said Whetsel.