Paramedics with Oklahoma City’s EMSA ambulance service took a young girl battling a rare illness on a surprise Christmas trip to the North Pole Monday.

“Are you ready to take a ride?” Paramedic Djuan Young said. “Here we go!”

The ambulance took 2-year-old Narielle Ellerby-Chisolm to meet Santa Claus at Oklahoma City’s North Pole Adventures.

“She will always be a little bit different than everyone else,” her mother Candace Chisolm said.

Nari was born with Cloves Syndrome, which targets her vascular system and causes her legs to grow much larger than the rest of her body.

“Since the day she was born, she’s struggled for life, and she’s fought for her life,” Chisolm said. “She’s fought very hard to be here.”

Her mother said only between 500 and 700 people in the world have the syndrome.

“There is no cure for Cloves Syndrome. That’s something we are doing now,” Chisolm said. “Starting this trial medication to see if that stops the overgrowth.”

Elves at the North Pole waited for Nari to arrive to their southwest Oklahoma City experience.

Nari asked Santa for a Moana doll. “She loves Moana, superhero girls. Wonder woman is her favorite,” Chisolm said.

“This is really a positive thing to see a smile on somebody’s face versus meeting somebody in their worst time,” Young said.

“She’s a child just like any other child and she’s here to make her mark on the world just like any other child,” Chisolm said. “I just hope people can see the light in her eyes when they look at her.”

“Thank you, Santa,” Nari said.