Red Bird, Oklahoma - A Green Country Fire Department is once again ready to battle the flames after their community helped restore it.

Last year the Red Bird Fire Department had two of its fire trucks stolen. They were eventually recovered, but with severe damage.

The fire chief said people from all over donated money, turning an almost impossible fix into reality.

Pictures obtained by News On 6 showed just how two Red Bird Fire trucks looked after they were stolen and then found badly damaged – stripped of all their gear last year.

“Why would anybody want to go and break into a fire station? We are a volunteer department. These guys are out here risking their lives,” said Red Bird Fire Chief Brody Morris.

The trucks seen in the photos were called Squad One and Squad three. They were both used to fight brush and grass fires.

After the trucks were recovered, the department was left with thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs.

The chief said he reached out to the insurance company, the community and started to pray. Several months later Squad One now looks great.

"They put a brand-new cab and chassis and the bed itself is from an older truck that was stolen and some of the things that they had stolen off of it," said Morris.

Chief Morris said they were able to salvage part of Squad Three as well. He said between insurance and donations, the total cost to fix up both trucks cost anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000. He said his trucks and tools now look and operate like new.

"We are a blessed department to get something brand new like this and everything, we got things that are better than what we had," said Morris.

He said his department is restored and ready for the upcoming fire season.

"You do wrong, you are going to get caught and then you have to pay the consequences for your actions. You cannot slow us down, we are going forward," said Morris.

The Chief told News On 6 there are new security measures in place to make this does not happen again.