BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - The City of Broken Arrow is working to get information out to the public about coyotes. There are some things you should - and shouldn't - do if you don't want them around your house.

The City said they haven't seen more calls than usual, but they said it's not uncommon to see a coyote within city limits.

"They have a range of 5 to 25 miles which is a large area. So as those areas of woods and fields shrink due to development, the public sees more coyotes," said Lanny Dampf, Broken Arrow Animal Control Manager.

Dampf said this time of year, more underbrush is dying off while coyotes are looking for food just trying to survive. He said the best thing you can do to discourage coyotes is to not make your home so inviting by giving them a food source, like garbage or even bird feeders.

He said bird feeders attract mice, squirrels, and other animals that coyotes eat. Dampf said coyotes usually won't go after a household pet unless they're desperate for food.

"Occasionally, if the food source is completely depleted they will take a kitten or a small cat or a small dog, but they do it not with the thought process of what the animal is they're taking," Dampf said.

"They do it because they're trying to survive," he said

He also said if you hear coyotes at night not to be alarmed. He said the animals run in packs and might travel for miles to find a mate.