FORT GIBSON, Oklahoma - At a city council meeting January 13, Fort Gibson announced the hiring of a new police chief.

Rob Frazier is resigning as Muskogee County Sheriff to take on the role of Fort Gibson's police chief. He said it’s home and the town needs a leader.

City council members voted unanimously after executive session to appoint Frazier as chief.

It comes weeks after former chief Donnie Yarbrough resigned after an employee claimed he sexually assaulted and harassed her.

The OSBI began investigating in August, and Yarbrough resigned last month.

Frazier said he wanted to apply for the chief job because he thinks the town needed a new leader.

He said he’s proud of his accomplishments as sheriff like buying new equipment, receiving grants and getting their budget on track.

He said Fort Gibson is where he wants to live and retire and describes this position as a dream job.

“They need some leadership. I’m hoping I can guide them,” Frazier said. “They don’t have a work ethic problem at all, so it’s going to be fun. It’s like I’m a rookie again. I think you can tell I’m excited and ready to get going.”

Frazier remains sheriff until he takes over as chief on Feb. 1.

He said county commissioners will appoint someone to fill in as sheriff until voter choose a new sheriff this year.

Frazier said he hopes commissioners will appoint undersheriff Terry Freeman.