TULSA, Oklahoma - A Bristow couple was arrested after being accused of stealing a U-Haul out of Tulsa and selling drugs near a park.

Creek County deputies said they seized nearly 120 grams of meth and a large number of pills from the home.

Deputies learned a well-known fugitive out of Tulsa might be staying at a home in Bristow, but when they got there, they found a lot more than they anticipated.

“It’s always good to get them off the street,” said Creek County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Fred Clark.

Creek County deputies said they got a tip about a stolen 26-foot U-Haul truck in the driveway of a Bristow home near Highway 48 and Tejon Avenue.

Shortly after, they learned a wanted felon out of Tulsa County was living there.

“Sometimes we get some of the fugitives from Tulsa city and Tulsa county that come over here to try to hide out. We’ve got a real good working relationship with those agencies that were able to seek those people out and get them into custody,” said Clark.

Creek County Sheriff’s Office got a warrant to search the home and found 28-Year-Old Justin Cathey and 32-Year-Old Lindsey Parker inside.

During their search they said they found a large number of drugs and also found a second stolen trailer.

“While they were there, they ran the tags on a red box trailer in the yard and it came back stolen,” said Clark.

Creek County deputies recovered 118 grams of meth and nearly $1,500 in total.

“Some drug paraphernalia, pipes, baggies,” said Clark.

They said they also recovered a scale, pills and empty pill capsules.

Deputies also said the couple lived close to a park.

“It constitutes a different felony if you’re close to a park or a school and we were within 800 feet of a park,” said Clark.

Cathey and Parker were both charged with trafficking methamphetamine, concealing stolen property and possession of a controlled substance within a thousand feet of a school or park.           

Additionally, Parker is facing Charges of harboring a fugitive, destroying evidence and carrying contraband into the jail.

“Once we got her in the patrol car, she ended up having some more meth when we got to the jail that we were able to recover so there were some additional charges for her trying to take that inside of a jail,” said Clark.

The street value of the drugs seized is valued around $10,000.