Tulsa Police said their K9 officers helped them arrest a man who ran after he was pulled over for driving a stolen vehicle near 55th Street and Lewis.

Police said they stopped Tyosha Pratt driving a stolen SUV, and then he ran off.

They said Pratt was the suspect caught on camera during a strong armed robbery that happened Wednesday.

Police said Pratt left his ID in the stolen car, so they ran his name and found out about a warrant for another stolen vehicle. 

Officers said they then brought out their K9's and found Pratt hiding in the bed of a truck at an apartment complex. 

Officers said they later learned that Pratt was the same man they posted surveillance pictures of on Facebook after robbery. 

They said Pratt followed a woman into a store near Admiral and Sheridan and took her purse off her shoulder and ran. 

Officers said Pratt was wearing the exact same clothes when they arrested him as he was in the picture.