Even with the impeachment, other work is getting done in Washington. The Senate passed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal Thursday, and Oklahoma lawmakers are weighed in on environmental legislation.

One bill tries to lessen the harm done by chemicals called PFAS. PFAS are a are broad group of substances used in the manufacture of products like firefighting foam and carpet cleaner. They're also known as "forever" chemicals because they get into groundwater and don't go away.

Congresswoman Kendra Horn voted for the PFAS Action Act, which she said would help insure everyone has access to clean water by setting up testing to determine the extent of PFAS contamination.

"There are four places in Oklahoma that have tested positive for PFAS, and Tinker Air Force Base is one of the most significant, so it's time we take action on this," said Rep. Kendra Horn, D-Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's Republican members all voted against the measure - calling it bad science and just another Democratic talking piece.

"If you truly wanted to get after a policy that would work, that would be signed by the president, work on solutions that can be phased out as opposed to completely eliminating," said Rep. Kevin Hern, R-Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, the House's resident heat and air expert testified at a hearing this week against legislation to reduce HFCs by mandating changes to the refrigerant used in air conditioners and other appliances.

"I'm just frustrated. I mean, where's the consumer? They say manufacturers are for this, well of course manufacturers are for this - because they get to sell more units. They're forcing us to buy them," said Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Oklahoma.