TULSA, Oklahoma - We are one day away from the big Championship Saturday at the Chili Bowl.

More than 250 drivers will be racing for a chance at the title, and the drivers are not the only ones who are having a busy week. 

Most of the stories are about the drivers, but 24-year-old Terry Mattox is just as important to the week of racing, and he has the best seat in the house: he's the flagger. 

Terry spends every singe night of Chili Bowl week controlling the drivers on the track. 

He is the flagger, which means he's in charge of letting the drivers know what to do. Waving the green flag means go, the yellow means there is a caution, the white flag is one lap to go, and then the checkered flag. 

Terry has been the official chili bowl flagger for eight years, but he started helping out waving flags as just a little kid. 

He said he would always go watch his dad race and noticed the flagger and decided that was what he wanted to do. 

"Its like a big adrenaline rush. They just come at you, and you are all pumped up. It is just amazing. You can feel the wind off the cars" Terry said. 

Terry said he has no plans of giving his job up; he loves it.

Saturday, he will be waving flags from 10 am all the way till midnight.