TULSA, Oklahoma - The jury has returned a verdict in the trial of a Broken Arrow man accused of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend. The jury found Konner Brunner guilty and recommended a life sentence with the chance of parole.

Brunner was found guilty of first-degree murder in Lauren Kidd's death in November 2018. The trial lasted just a week, and the jury took a couple of hours to settle on a life sentence.

Her body has never been found, but police did find DNA evidence at a paper mill in McCurtain County. 

The jury had the option of life without parole, but instead the Broken Arrow man will be eligible for parole in 38 years.

Lauren Kidd, 21, was a young mother who was hoping to get back with Brunner, her old boyfriend. Instead, he got her alone, shot her, then dumped her body. Detectives found evidence it went to a paper mill.

Her parents remember her as just getting started in life, when she was murdered.

"She was a beautiful girl; she loved music. She just wanted to live her life as a mom - take care of Addie, watch her grow up, and find her way out in the real world, by herself, as an independent woman," said Lauren's mother, Christa Kidd.

Detectives said Brunner admitted to shooting Kidd but claimed it was accidental. Prosecutors dismissed that as impossible, and the jury believed them.