BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A Green Country man was arrested for the 5th time in four months in a stolen vehicle.

Justin Marcum got deferred sentences for his first three arrests that happened in October, November and December.

Jett Mudge's truck is large, red and hard to miss. He watched it disappear from his driveway.

"I heard my truck starting up. I was sound asleep," Mudge said. "I was just trying to figure out if it was a dream or not."

Broken Arrow police said Justin Marcum broke into the truck, broke the ignition and drove away.

"Spotted and stopped it within three minutes, reported it was stolen and took him into custody," said Officer Chris Walker.

Walker said Marcum also had two debit cards that had been stolen from another victim's vehicle the day before.

He said Marcum told police he was tired of riding his bike, so he stole the truck.

This isn't Marcum's first run-in with the law.

"Some people come through regularly," said Walker.

Court records show Marcum was charged in October for having a stolen vehicle, then charged again in November for having a stolen vehicle and meth. Then again in December for a stolen vehicle. In each case, he pleaded guilty and got a deferred sentence.

Then earlier this month, prosecutors charged him with larceny of an automobile after police said they caught him on camera stealing someone's work truck.

"I want him to go to jail. If he's doing it, he's going to keep doing it," Mudge said.

Mudge said he's just grateful to have his truck back.

"Just crazy, it can happen to anybody anywhere," Mudge said. "Again, thank you to Broken Arrow police, they're amazing."

Marcum was booked this time for possession of a stolen vehicle and stolen property along with four city warrants.

The District Attorney's Office said they can't talk about Marcum because he still has open charges.