ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Rogers County officials reached a settlement following an incident between the sheriff and a medical marijuana supporter a year and a half ago that was caught on camera.

Specific details of that settlement are not being released because of a confidentiality agreement.

Cell phone video shows Sheriff Scott Walton grabbing Chip Paul by the neck and forcing him out of the meeting. After the meeting, Walton said Paul frequently interrupted the speakers and was disrespectful and disruptive. Paul disagreed and filed a lawsuit against the sheriff.

"These are time consuming processes and the good part is that's over with," said Walton.

The lawsuit accused Walton of misusing his powers. Walton said the two sides reached a settlement.

"Last Friday, a settlement conference was held between the plaintiff and the county's insurance. A confidential settlement was reached at that time and we're done with it," said Walton.