OWASSO, Oklahoma - Police in Owasso are asking for your help trying to find three people caught on camera using stolen credit cards at several stores.

Owasso Police said the three suspects used a stolen credit card to shop at several stores in the Owasso area on Thursday.

Tulsa Police said the owner of a truck reported it stolen earlier in the week and said there were several credit cards inside. A couple of days later, three women and a man went shopping at multiple Owasso businesses Thursday morning between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m, and used a stolen credit card.

Owasso Police did not state what businesses they went to but did release these pictures hoping someone from the public will recognize these suspects.

“If we can get the actual videos we'll try to post more of the information so that we can get solid leads to work of, but right now we're just trying to identify who these people are so that we can get them into custody," said Nick Boatman with the Owasso Police Department.

They're asking anyone who knows them to call Owasso Police, and you can remain anonymous.