Tulsa's parks department said they've hit a few road blocks on making repairs at a community center damaged during severe storms last spring.

A massive oak tree fell onto Reed's basketball gym during a strong storm last spring, and you can still see some of the damage from that day.

The parks department said structural engineers came out to survey the building and determined it was risky to have people inside the gym.

It also left cracks in the wall and part of the roof will need to be replaced.

Parks Director Anna America said they first believed the city's insurance could pay for the repairs; but they later learned the city is required by state law to go through the full bidding process, which is why it's taken so long to get started on the repairs.

"If we'd known that this is what you'd need to do, it still would've taken us months just because all of the different elements at play; but we might have gotten it done before it snowed" said America. 

City leaders said they hope to start making repairs in the next couple of months, but there's no timetable set on when all of this will be done.