The Senate approved a war powers resolution blocking President Trump from engaging in hostilities against Iran without congressional approval.

The war powers resolution limits the President's ability to order military action against Iran unless approved by congress.

It was proposed after a U.S. airstrike killed a top Iranian general last month. And days later, Iran retaliated with airstrikes on Iraqi airbases where U.S. troops were housed.

Thursday, eight republican senators crossed party lines to vote in favor of the resolution. But Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe opposed the move and said he thinks it sends the wrong message to Iran.

"The Iranians will interpret a vote in favor of this resolution as tying the president's hands and that would lead Iran to believe, once again, that it can get by with anything" said Senator Inhofe. 

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford also opposed the resolution and in a statement said in part "It is unwise for Congress to seek to micro-manage our military and limit our ability to respond quickly to threats."

The resolution now heads to the House where it could pass by the end of the month.