ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Rogers County man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the role he played in the May 2017 crimes that led up to the murder of Dakota Rex.

Dairon Brown took a plea deal Thursday and spoke with Rex's family. Stacy McMillen, Dakota Rex's mother said she forgave Brown for the part he played in her son's death. 

"There's still such a deep remorse for the son you lost and the one you don't get to give the fist bumps to anymore," said Stacy McMillen.?

McMillen said she knows she'll see Dakota again. He was shot and killed in May 2017. Police arrested Marquise White, Dairon Brown, and Kairee Cooks in connection to the crimes committed that night.

"I actually already wrote to Kairee Cooks and he responded very quickly," said McMillen.

McMillen said she's leaned on her faith and has made room in her heart for love and forgiveness for all three men. Which is why she and her daughters went to Roger's County Courthouse to see Brown. 

"I just want to let Darion know that I am thankful for his letter and we do love him and keep him in our prayers to and we're sorry this whole situation happened as we know he is," said McMillen. ?

Brown wrote Dakota's family a letter expressing sorrow.

?"I cried because it was so touching to see that somebody did have remorse for what happened," said McMillen.?

Brown expressed those same emotions in the courtroom. He said how truly sorry he was. He thanked them for forgiveness and said he hopes Dakota rests in peace.