TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A mother and daughter from Sand Springs, who've been quarantined on an antarctic cruise ship, are back on land. 

They traveled to Antarctica at the beginning of March, and they are currently in Argentina. 

The women have been through two quarantines and will need to got through a third once they get back to the the U.S. 

Rochelle Rice and her daughter, Lenna Bien, said they had to be quarantined on their Antarctic cruise for 14 days before docking in Argentina. 

They said police and doctors escorted them off the ship and tested all passengers. 

None of the passengers tested positive, but they've been quarantined for the last week in a hotel in Argentina. 

Rochelle and Lenna said they are staying positive. 

"We are safe, we are virus free, and we are very please with that." Rochelle said. "I  think we are a little unsettled about going through some international areas were we don't know what's happened and then going back home and being quarantined again."

They were supposed to fly out Thursday night, but that flight has been canceled; so, they don't know when they will get home to their families.