Sand Springs Man Writes Kansas City Chiefs Song 'Chop It Up'

Wednesday, January 29th 2020, 7:12 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Morgan Ganem is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, and like you'd expect, he's fired up for the Super Bowl.

"Fifty years since the Chiefs have been, and I'm just like through the roof,” said Ganem. “Just like everybody else."

Ganem is also an Oklahoman, born and raised in Sand Springs. But, he has a connection to the Chiefs that knows no state boundary.

Ganem wrote and produced a song, called "Chop It Up."

And if you've been to a Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium, you probably recognize it.

"We've been able to really capture that emotion and that feeling from the stadium," said Ganem.

Ganem is a musician and comes from a musical family. Several years ago, he had the idea to write a song about the Chiefs.

"I give credit to my mom because she's the one who was like, you should try to write a song for the Chiefs. And so I said all right. I'll give it a shot," Ganem said.

After using his own voice and playing the instruments, working with his dad, Ganem sent the song to the team, hoping they'd like it.

And they didn't only like it, they loved it, and decided to use the song before the team comes onto the field and in other ways.

"The first time that they played it in the stadium, they actually invited me over to stay on the sideline and see the whole thing go down," said Ganem.

Years later, the song is still being played, and Ganem still receives proceeds from it.

Now though, he's decided to give back as well, donating some of the money to quarterback Patrick Mahomes' charity.

This Super Bowl Sunday, Ganem says he'll be playing the song.

And he's making a prediction, that probably won't shock you.

"Obviously I think the Chiefs are going to take it home," said Ganem.

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