Former Peckham Public Schools Superintendent Charged, Accused Of Child Sex Crimes

Wednesday, December 18th 2019, 4:55 pm

A former superintendent for Peckham Public Schools has been charged after allegations of child sexual abuse were reported.

Gary Young, 65, of Blackwell, was charged with three counts of lewd or indecent acts to a child under 16, one count of cause, procure and/or permit injury or sex abuse to a child and one count of cause, procure and/or permit injury to child and one count of blackmail.

In August 2019, News 9 reported that the State Department of Education was looking into sexual abuse claims against Young.

"It spans multiple years, multiple age ranges, and includes all personnel and children,” State Department of Education General Counsel Brad Clark said in August.

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Young's last day of employment with the district was Aug. 22, the day he was suspended during a school board meeting.

According to the court documents, four victims have come forward to the district attorney's office in Kay County.

Allegations date back as far as 1985. Young is accused of touching a girl between age 4 and 10 years old inappropriately in his home while she took a bath.

Another victim, according to court documents, thought it was normal when Young would apply lotion to her body in his home including private parts. When the alleged victim, in kindergarten at the time, tried walking away Young allegedly "smacked her bottom."

“We are just opening the doors of information that will be flowing out,” said Attorney Cameron Spradling, who represents 3 of the 4 alleged victims. “We have to recognize that every vampire needs a keeper. Every predator has somebody who has enabled them and protected them from being exposed. Those keepers should be brought to justice as well.”

In court filings, Young is also accused of pressuring a co-worker into sex following a party.

After the incident, according to the alleged victim, Young threatened if she reported the incident, she'd lose her job. 

“We are just at the beginning, I know that there are dozens of victims that will be coming forward,” said Spradling. “This is just the opening. The criminal case will be amended, and amended, and amended.”

“Today’s charges are consistent with the allegations received by the State Department of Education this summer. Sad and extremely disturbing, these allegations that led to today’s charges are the reason why the State Board took immediate action to ensure student safety and make sure Mr. Young could not be around children in a public school," State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said in statement. "We’ve been actively working with authorities on this matter and will continue to do so.”

Young has been placed under house arrest with a $50,000 bond. Young is not allowed on any of Peckham Public Schools' property.

Young had served as superintendent since 1978. He is due back in court on February 12, 2020.

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