Attorney Says David Boren 'Pretty Down' After Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

Thursday, February 14th 2019, 5:52 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

David Boren’s attorney is responding to accusations of misconduct against the former OU President.   

The University of Oklahoma released the following statement after a leak to a local newspaper:

“The University of Oklahoma received allegations of serious misconduct that it was legally obligated to investigate. The University retained the Jones Day firm to conduct an independent investigation, which is ongoing at the current time. Appropriate individuals will have an opportunity to be interviewed during the investigation.”

Burke says Boren was unaware of any allegations until he heard about it in the press.            

“His feelings are hurt. This is adversely affecting his health. He's pretty down,” Burke said of Boren.

Bob Burke is not only Boren’s attorney, but also a long-time friend.

Burke says he and Boren have no idea where the allegations came from, and question that any formal complaints exist.              

“The leak says there is improper behavior on the part of President Boren against some aide. We have racked our brains. We can't imagine any aide who has any complaint against anyone,” Burke said.

The Jones Day firm investigating the allegation was hired by current OU president, James Gallogly shortly after he took office.

Previously, the firm had investigated other aspects of Boren’s administration.

Burke says he's been trying to get ahold of Jones Day for months to ask why they were still in town.

“There's just no reason why the University of Oklahoma should be adversely impacted, nor David Boren’s name be ruined,” Burke said.

Now, Burke wants to know who leaked the investigation to the media.

 “I really think that it's somebody who hates David Boren within the OU administration, that simply leaked this information without having a lot of information,” Burke said.

News 9 requested an interview or statement from Jones Day and had not yet heard back.