Grady County Burglary Suspect Steals Patrol Car

Wednesday, August 8th 2018, 6:54 pm
By: News 9

A home burglary suspect in Grady County led deputies on a lengthy manhunt Monday, wrecking a patrol car during his escape.

Sheriff Jim Weir says his deputy was simply trying to show kindness to Jason Ostrom, offering him some comfort from the heat. Instead, he learned a tough lesson.

Deputy Mark Ingram met Ninnekah police chief Scott Miller at a burglarized vacant house Monday night, as he was in the process of arresting Jason Ostrom and Joluvine Traylor. Ingram placed Ostrom in the front seat of his patrol car before going back to check on the house.

“Unfortunately, the deputy, trying to be nice, left the car running because it was hot out and left the air conditioner on,” Weir says.

Miller's dash cam video shows Ostrom start working the handcuffs towards the front of his body.

Weir says, “You really can’t tell what he’s doing, so I’m sure the officer couldn’t either, until he saw him jump over in the driver’s seat.”

Ostrom took off, nearly hitting the chief, who picked up Ingram and pursued.

“They tried one way, didn’t locate anything,” Weir says, “went the other way and found the vehicle about two and a half, three miles away.”

The car had been crashed into a ditch with the tire blown out, and Ostrom was gone. K9 Kaspin and his handler Dick Lee searched the area for a mile before both suffered heat exhaustion.

“In fact, the deputy was so overcome he was afraid he was having a heart attack, so they called an ambulance and he was transported to the hospital.”

The team ensured Lee was okay before returning to their search. Ostrom then emerged from some nearby oil wells, admitting to investigators he hid in a tree as Kaspin closed in on his scent.

The sheriff says he has since reprimanded Ingram for his earlier actions.

Weir says, “I guarantee none of my deputies are going to leave their car running with the keys in it with a different anywhere close to it in the future.”

Ostrom now faces five different charges and is being held on a $450,000 bond.