Metro Pet Owners Concerned As Black Cats Go Missing on Halloween

Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 7:14 pm
By: News 9

It's Halloween, and some people in the metro are worried for their missing pets. Those pets are black cats, and their owners are fear they might be abused or tortured because of the holiday.

Most animal welfare groups agree that abusing black cats on Halloween is just an urban legend, but some pet owners here in the metro aren't so sure. Their black cats have gone missing, and one owner tells News 9 her black cat has been abused on Halloween before.

Caitlyn Waters knew something was wrong last Thursday morning.

"He's just always in the house in the morning," Waters said.

Her 7-year-old black cat, Lynyrd, never came in for his food, and no one in her neighborhood has seen him since.

It could be just a Halloween prank, but that isn't much comfort for Caitlyn. She says three years ago, her cat was stolen on Halloween and returned the next day with his ears cut.

"I think it could be kids, but I think it could also be just some sick and twisted people that want to go around catching black cats and torturing them, which hopefully he's not being tortured," Waters said.

Now a couple of her neighbors' black cats are missing too.

"It's saying something about humans and our propensity to trick [and] vandalize decorations and animals associated with Halloween," Central Oklahoma Humane Society Executive Director Mac McCrory said.

Abusing black cats this time of year has been a concern for animal welfare organizations for years, but unlike some shelters, the Central Oklahoma Humane Society does adopt out black cats year-round. In fact, it's hard to find owners for them.

"I think humans have the superstition about black cats. They're associated with Halloween, just like we have superstitions about witches and goblins," McCrory said.

Caitlyn and her neighbors just hope their cats are returned home safely.

The Humane Society does encourage owners to keep their black cats inside tonight.

News 9 also talked with the Edmond Animal Shelter Wednesday, and they don't adopt out black cats during October as a safety precaution.