Gathering Place: A Playground Kingdom Built For Everyone

Tuesday, September 4th 2018, 11:54 am

Five acres at Gathering Place are proving age is just a number. The Chapman Adventure Playground is transforming the traditional playground into an adventure for kids of all shapes and sizes.

"My mind actually is blown," said Misti Blackshire, mom. "This is incredible." 

You've probably seen the iconic towers. Red ropes, leading to hidden features, are just one adventure at Adventure Playground.

"I wasn't expecting this. This is way better than anything I could have imagined," said parent Mishelle Wellons.

Amanda Murphy said at Gathering Place, kids learn through play.

"They're learning through bravery of climbing in these towers and doing things that test the limits of what they thought they could do before," she said.

For the youngest adventurers - there's Volcanoville. 

"It's a really safe spot where parents can put their kids down and let them crawl safely in an area that's just for them," Murphy said. 

Nearby, it's Fairyland Forest, an enchanting experience bringing storybooks to life for toddlers.

"Cute little playhouses that look like little cottages and princess castles," Wellons said.

Caterpillar Bridge connects Volcanoville and Fairyland Forest to areas of the park for bigger kids, ages 5 through 12."

"Land of the River Giants features these two magnificent blue herons, as well as a paddlefish, which are animals native to Oklahoma," said Gathering Place's Amanda Murphy.

For the climbers wanting to take adventures to new heights, there's Skywalk Forest with speedy slides and upside down trees that are planting a new story.

For thrill seekers - a zipline.

"I love that there are just so many different kinds of things for them to play on, the sensory garden," said mom Lindsey Lindberg.

At the Sensory Garden, kids can find musical instruments, foot chimes and a huge rock they can turn.

There's a surprise around every corner.

"Experiences that are based on STEM education, science, technology, engineering, and math," Murphy said.

And for the sweltering hot days, there are two main water features. Mist Mountain has with water canons and jets, jumping fountains, and a mistic maze.

And Water Mountain has tunnels, dams, and streams.

"Very advanced water elements, right next to this playground, so if they get hot, they can immediately just jump over there," Murphy said.

Two cool ways to beat the heat and take a break from the testing towers.

"They're having to analyze like, ok, which way should I go? Can I fit there? Will my feet fit on this? Should I go there?" said parent Ashlee Buchert.

Even parents can play in a kingdom built for everyone.

"Everytime you come in, no matter what age you are, you see it through the eyes of a child," said Amanda Murphy of Gathering Place.

"We're going to see people from all over town and probably out of town that come too that they're going to meet and get to interact with, versus just our neighborhood park, people we usually already know," said Mishelle Wellons, mom.

"We travel a ton, and I'm proud of Oklahoma for this," Ashlee Buchert said.