Semi-Trailers Bring In More Pieces For Tulsa's Gathering Place

Wednesday, August 10th 2016, 8:04 pm

In just over a year, the playgrounds and parks of Tulsa’s Gathering Place will open, and Wednesday, more pieces for the playground arrived from Germany.

Earlier this year a swing was put in River Parks as a preview of what to expect at the park. The same company that built the swing also built a huge water tower, and that was delivered Wednesday.

In the back the trucks were the pieces of the 42-foot tall water tower, destined for the Chapman Adventure Playground. It's so big, even disassembled it fills two semi-trailers.

The job of assembly falls to Ed Miller, who travels the country building playgrounds.

“This well be the premier playground in the country, if not the world. It's the largest, most comprehensive play equipment and play space ever constructed,” Miller said.

The water tower delivered to Tulsa was built in Frasdorf, Germany, in a factory where imagination is the blueprint.

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Even here, a plan like this was only something on paper - never built until now.

Jeff Stava is leading the construction and said all the plans, all the playground pieces, are meant to build imagination and collaboration.

“It will teach kids to communicate and work together, to reach a goal,” said Stava. “That's the beauty of the playground equipment being built, it's designed for kids to interact and play together to make things happen.”

The plan is now to move the six towers being assembled off-site through Tulsa next spring.

A Gathering Place For Tulsa

Stava said, “And then we're going to have a huge parade through Tulsa, through several landmarks in Tulsa, and parade all these towers, all six of them and the equipment, to the construction site sometime early spring or summer next year.”

The Gathering Place has more pieces on the way - in all, about 50 semi-trailers for just the big pieces coming from Germany.