Medical Examiner, DNA Expert Testify In Bever Murder Trial

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018, 1:11 pm
By: News On 6

The medical examiner took the stand Wednesday in Michael Bever's murder trial.

Bever is accused of killing his parents and three siblings. 

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The medical examiner performed the autopsies on 12-year-old Daniel, 7-year-old Christopher, and 5-year-old Victoria. 

So far, Dr. David Arboe has gone through the body diagrams of Daniel and Christopher. 

Arboe noted 9 stab wounds on Daniel but that's not including about a dozen other cuts the boy had on his body. 

Arboe specifically talked about a stab wound that punctured Daniel’s left lung, three of his major arteries, and his trachea.

Arboe  called this wound devastating, saying Daniel might not have lived even with immediate medical care. 

Arboe talked about the 21 injuries on Christopher's body, calling six of them actual stab wounds, but noting multiple cuts to his arms, wrists, and hands. 

He said both of the boys died from these sharp force injuries. 

Dr. Arboe testified that Victoria had the most stab wounds of all three children,18 in all. Many of them were described as devastating.

With wounds to several major organs and arteries, Arboe told jurors there was no way the little girl could have lived more than a few minutes after the attack.

“Of the children, the three children, Victoria the smallest had the greatest number of injuries. That tells a story and the jury is obviously going to have to process that,” said Tulsa County DA Steve Kunzweiler.  

A DNA expert took the stand Wednesday afternoon as well.

That expert told jurors she found Michael Bever's DNA on the handle of a knife that could have been used to kill three members of his family. 

Expert Grace Helms said she found DNA for David, Daniel, and Christopher Bever on the blade of that same knife.

Michael's attorney was quick to counter, saying Michael's blood could've have transferred on the knife by his brother Robert when he used it.

Helms also talked about the clothes Michael wore on the night of the murders, confirming that three different bloodstains contained the DNA of his mother April Bever. 

Michael's attorney said the fact that only April's DNA was found on Michael is very telling. 

"You would expect someone involved in what they accuse Michael of being involved in to have everyone's blood and DNA on him, and he did not. That was the significant point we were trying to bring out in that testimony,” said Corbin Brewster.  

Lead detective Rhianna Russell ended the day on the stand. 

Details about Michael's confession are expected to be heard Thursday.