Bever Murder Trial To Continue Into Next Week

Friday, April 27th 2018, 10:15 pm
By: News On 6

Attorneys in the Michael Bever murder trial are gearing up for another full week in court starting Monday.

He’s accused of stabbing his parents and three of his siblings to death.

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Michael Bever's trial isn't even close to being over after a long day of evidence in court. Prosecutors said heading into next week they're keeping their cards very close to their chest.

"I'm not going to tip my hand as to how I'm going to prosecute my case," said Tulsa County DA Steve Kunzweiler. 

Kunzweiler admits he's already into the 400s of numbered evidence items in his case.

He said there's much more to go, but he's remaining tight-lipped about what's to come.

"This is Friday and I'm not going to let somebody have a weekend to anticipate what I'm going to do," Kunzweiler said. 

Friday, Kunzweiler once again asked the judge to allow him to show autopsy photos to the jury. She said no.

"I obviously think one way, the defense thinks another way," Kunzweiler said. "What may not be viewed by way of a picture, I might be able to get it in through a hard piece of evidence."

Michael Bever's attorney Corbin Brewster agrees with the judge's ruling.

"At some point, it's just so much that there's a balancing test the court has to weigh out," Brewster said. 

Both attorneys have stressed Michael's older brother Robert's role in the crime.    

"The role of one in a conjoined crime is just as important as the role of the other," said Kunzweiler. "Robert Bever's involvement, in this case, is very critical to the entire story that's being told."

As far as what tricks Brewster has up his sleeve next week, including Robert's potential testimony, he said, "We'll see when the state rests. We'll kind of have to wait and see."

Attorneys said they hope the trial will wrap up by the end of next week.