Nurse Takes Stand In Bever Murder Trial, Speaks Of Accusatory Note

Wednesday, April 25th 2018, 6:00 pm
By: News On 6

A nurse and police officers testified in the Michael Bever murder trial Wednesday.

He's charged with killing five members of his family and trying to kill a sixth.

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The DA is trying to prove Michael Bever committed this terrible crime with his older brother Robert but the defense is trying to show Michael was hardly involved at all, that it was Robert's doing.

One thing that helped the DA's case was a nurse who testified that the surviving sister, after she came out of surgery, wrote on a note, "two brothers who did this to me" as the girl pointed to the stab wound in her stomach.

One thing that leaned toward the defense case was the officer who took Michael Bever to the hospital to get his dog bite checked, testified that Michael told the doctor that he thought it was all a big joke until Robert did it and he had to join in or Robert would also turn on him, so he too, stabbed someone. 

At one point, Bever said, “things got crazy and my family is dead.”
The officer testified that Bever showed no remorse during this conversation with the doctor.

A crime scene investigator also took the stand, talking about all the photos he took of the scene and the evidence he collected. The DA carried in a big box of that evidence, which is expected to be shown to the jury. 

Other evidence that could come out at trial are Bever's videotaped statement he gave to police and the journal that Bever was keeping in jail.