Bever Attorney: Attempts To Subpoena Former BAPD Detective Unsuccessful

Monday, March 5th 2018, 7:15 pm
By: News On 6

A judge did not make any rulings regarding mishandled evidence in the Michael Bever case.

Bever is charged with murdering five members of his family. His attorneys wanted to question the detective in charge of that evidence, but it didn’t happen.

Defense attorneys said they tried to subpoena former Broken Arrow Police Department Detective Gayla Adcock to testify Monday, but, they said she left town before the subpoena could be served.

Bever's attorney, Corbin Brewster, has talked at length about mishandled evidence in the case and there were a lot of questions about one piece of evidence in particular, a missing hard drive.

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"Apparently, the only person that would have that knowledge would be the detective who turned it in," said Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.

That was Adcock, who recently resigned.

"What we know is it was recovered, unsuccessfully analyzed, and then from OSBI to the Broken Arrow Police Department, it turned up missing," Kunzweiler said.

Adcock was originally the lead detective on the case. Bever's public defender said prosecutors knew Adcock had past issues, which is why they asked for a different lead detective.

Rhianna Russell took over as the lead within six months into the case.

"As a defense attorney, you get concerned about what else is missing that went unreported," Brewster said.

Bever’s attorney also subpoenaed one of the prosecutors in the case to ask her about calls made to Adcock but the judge said the prosecutor didn’t have to take the stand.

"It's a four-minute phone call. It looks suspicious to us," Brewster said.

Kunzweiler said it's not suspicious, just a coincidence.

"It's not unusual for a D.A. to be communicating with anyone in law enforcement," he said.

The judge suspended Monday’s hearing but said they'll meet again in plenty of time to hash things out before the April trial.