Workers Demolish The Bever Family Home In Broken Arrow

Tuesday, April 18th 2017, 10:02 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Workers have torn down the Broken Arrow home where five members of the Bever family were murdered in 2015.  The home is now just a pile of rubble as demolition workers load up the debris left behind.  

Osage SkyNews 6 HD flew over the leveled home just south of the Creek Turnpike Tuesday morning.  

It took workers a little under two hours to knock down the house where police say Robert and Michael Bever killed their parents and three of their siblings nearly two years ago.
The day of the murders, Chuck Mcgaha was in town from Dallas visiting his son who lives around the corner from the Bevers' home. Nearly a year later, he moved in next door.

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"When we went to look for a house to move back, this was one of the only ones in the neighborhood that was fitting was we were looking for," he said.

Mcgaha said he was holding out hope for this day.

"There was talk back then of making a park out of it, so we just hoped," he said. 

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Julie Wallis remembers seeing a sea of emergency vehicles the day most of the Bever family was murdered.  She says she's happy to see the home demolished and in its place, a memorial garden on the way to celebrate the lives of those five family members killed.

"It's just good to see it go. Good to see it go. We're gonna have a park and everything is gonna be much better now on. It's a sigh of relief," said Julie Wallis.

Chuck Mcgaha said the neighborhood is a step closer to moving on from the tragedy.

"Like the end of an era or a new beginning for the neighborhood to get rid of a bad memory," he said.

20-year-old Robert Bever is serving life in prison after he pleaded guilty last year.  Eighteen-year-old Michael Bever has a court hearing next month ahead of a trial scheduled later this year.

Two sisters survived the assault.