Community Remembers Murdered BA Family, Collects Goods For Surviving Children

Wednesday, July 29th 2015, 6:31 pm
By: News On 6

One week ago, a Broken Arrow home was a gruesome crime scene. Wednesday night, that same home was transformed into a memorial for the family.

Friends and neighbors gathered in the Bever family front yard to pay their respects, remember and honor the five lost lives and the two that are forever changed.

Wednesday night, purple and white balloons floated above the Broken Arrow home.

White was for the innocent lives lost - the Bever parents and their three children - and for the innocent lives forever changed - the 13-year-old and 2-year-old girl survivors. Purple was for domestic violence.

Collette Langford said she was glad to see her community come together a week after the tragic attack.

"We've got five kids of our own, and four grandkids, and we just want to show support," she said.

Police said the oldest Bever brothers, 18-year-old Robert and 16-year-old Michael, stabbed six of their family members with a hatchet and knives - five of them lost their lives.

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According to police and neighbors, the family kept to themselves. Few of their neighbors knew them and most of the people showing their support were perfect strangers, like Kristen White.

“Ever since that day, you can't wake up without crying about it, thinking about it. You know, my 7-year-old daughter talks about it, thinks about it," she said.

White also has a son the same age as the family's oldest girl who survived.

"As a mother, we're praying for her, love her. We hope that she gets through this," White said.

Organizer Glenna Parkman is taking donations for her, and her younger sister.

"Cards, and flowers, and animals and that she's going to be really, really happy," said Parkman.

The oldest Bever brothers are in the Tulsa County Jail being held without bond.

Police said they were planning a larger attack and had ammunition shipped to their house after the murders.

Officers said they plan to release the 911 call sometime next week.