Tulsa New Year's Eve Celebration Receives Backlash After Painted Pony

Thursday, January 2nd 2020, 11:48 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A New Year’s Eve celebration at Tulsa's Mayo Hotel is coming under fire after party goers were encouraged to use paint to write messages on a pony at the event.

After pictures surfaced online, some people expressed concerns about the what the horse went through and if any crimes were committed.

A video and pictures are being shared on Facebook of Porsche the pony being painted on during a New Year’s Eve celebration at the Mayo Hotel. Many people expressed their concerns on Facebook.

One person posted, “Disgusted. Animal cruelty," while another posted in part "this is disgusting and breaks my heart for that poor animal."

Porsche's owner said her pony was never left alone and was never in any danger.

"Non-toxic washable children safe finger paints that they could take and put on their fingers and dab on her and the paint does not go to the skin," said Sondra Reeves, owner of Dreamcatcher Party Ponys.

Reeves said the pony was in a separate area away from loud music and had a feed bag. She said all her ponies are fed twice a day and regularly see a vet.

She also said she is inspected by the USDA. She said since taking her pony to the New Year Eve Celebration, she's received threats.

“One gentleman has called about four times and is being really nasty and I told him I'll just give his phone number to the police department,” Reeves said.

Reeves gave us this statement from her Vet that said in part, "nontoxic human washable Crayola finger paint is not going to create undue harm irritation, discomfort, or have adverse health effects on equid species".

Tulsa Animal Welfare tells us what Reeves did is not illegal and is not animal abuse.

"This is not something that we either have basis to write a citation or to file cruelty charges. There are a lot for animals out there that we know are being abused," said Jean Letcher, Tulsa Animal Welfare Manager.

Reeves said she only uses her horses to make people smile and hopes people will take up real causes.

"Go to one of these kill pens, go to sale barns, go see some of these animals that are neglected and starving out in these pastures that are just skin and bones if you want to jump on a cause," said Reeves.

The General Manager of the Mayo Hotel said that the animal was not harmed during the event.