Tulsa Woman Arrested After Fatal Hit-And-Run Wreck Near Stroud

Thursday, January 2nd 2020, 11:17 pm
By: News On 6

A Green Country driver said she was one of at least five people hit by a woman speeding down the turnpike just west of Stroud.

A source told News On 6 that suspect was going 110 miles per hour with her cruise-control set.

They said she hit several cars, injuring drivers, even killing one victim who was 21. Lauren Hughes is one of the drivers who was hit last night. Her family tells me they hope the driver who hit her gets the help she needs, but they also feel that driver was intentionally crashing into people and they hope the charges filed against her reflect that.

Lauren, her dog and her boyfriend Victor were on I-44 last night when they were hit from behind. Lauren was driving and said the impact knocked her head so hard that she passed out. Her boyfriend’s quick reaction saved them both.

"She started to shift towards the left, almost going towards the barrier. I held the steering wheel and kept us right on track," said Victor Phan.

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When they were able to pull over and Lauren came to, another driver ran up to check on them, saying he had been hit by the same truck moments before.

"He said it was a Tahoe who hit them, and just kept going, not even caring - straight into me," said Hughes.

A source close to the investigation told News On 6 Conley was driving with her cruise control set at 110 when she hit a car driven by 21-year-old Mercedes Tyler. It caused Tyler's car to roll. She was ejected and killed.

Sources said Conley kept driving, hitting Lauren's car and several others, before eventually stopping, taking off her clothes and running. Sources said Conley told officers she was driving so fast because she was in a hurry to see her son in Dallas.

"It is an absolute tragedy," said Hughes. "It is really hard to think about somebody who is just slightly older than me, just the same age as me, who was killed by this exact same kind of incident with the same driver," said Hughes.

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