TPD Crediting Several Arrests To Partnership With Ring Security

Wednesday, January 1st 2020, 10:49 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Tulsa police said a video surveillance partnership is helping officers solve a lot of crimes.

Tulsa Police said this partnership lets homeowners share videos with them, and their devices can act like virtual witnesses. Police say this level of easily shared surveillance can help them catch suspected criminals in the act.

"These video devices are amazing and we are able to either solve very quickly or eventually solve cases because now we have a suspect description to go along with the crime because before we didn't have that," said Lt. Shane Tuell with the Tulsa Police Department.

This is why Tulsa Police are once again asking for the publics' help on Facebook to find a women Police said is suspected of stealing packages from multiple homes on Christmas Eve. 

"We've actually partnered with Ring and we can now look at the video from a crime that happened by doing a geo-map within the neighbored we have a law enforcement application that we can look," said Lt. Tuell.

On Facebook, Tulsa Police said, surveillance video led to charges being filed against a woman suspected of grabbing multiple packages off of this porch.

"So you may in the future if you have a ring device that's registered get a message from the Tulsa Police Department saying your video may have captured a crime in your neighborhood," said Lt. Tuell.

Tuell said people can now share their videos with them because ultimately he said that's how they are solving a lot of crimes in Tulsa neighborhoods.

"People have decided they've had enough and for a very low cost they can go out and buy these video devices that can help protect their investment and its really helping law enforcement," he said.

Police said if you see a crime in progress, call Police and do not confront anyone.