QuikTrip Claims New Tobacco Law Did Not Give Businesses Enough Time

Tuesday, December 31st 2019, 6:20 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

A new federal law has caused some confusion for businesses that sell tobacco and nicotine.

A QuikTrip spokesman said Congress didn't give businesses enough time to get proper signage to indicate the new law which raised the legal age to buy nicotine and tobacco from 18 to 21.  

QuikTrip Spokesman, Mike Thornbrugh says it's not clear when the new law will take effect.

"Well, we don't know when it is, quite frankly, and still nobody knows what's going on. Everybody was under the impression this was going to go into effect in September of 2020."

The Food and Drug Administration website states when the law took effect.

"Then over the holidays there is a three-sentence deal on the FDA's website that said this law went into effect immediately without any guidance what so ever," said Thornbrugh.

He said with more than 840 locations nationwide, QuikTrip isn't the only business that's been forced to put up temporary signs while they wait for clarification.

"You've got to get the proper signage out. You've got to be able to re-train your employees, and then you have to reprogram all your cash registers to make sure everything we're doing is the right way," said Thornbrugh.

Oklahoma State Health Commissioner, Gary Cox, said the issue is cut and dry.

"The new law is effective immediately. So it's the law of the land currently. So, I would look for stores and retailers to begin complying with that law right away," said Cox.