Police Searching For Robbery Suspect Who Tased Sapulpa Home Owner

Monday, December 30th 2019, 5:22 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

A Sapulpa woman is recovering after she tells police a man tased her in the chest and broke into her home Sunday night.

The victim told officers a man knocked on her door around 11:40 Sunday night.

"They open the door and he asked for a cigarette. So she goes and gets a cigarette. Gives it to him and he leaves," said Sapulpa Captain Glenn Coffey."

Coffey said police think the man may have been scoping out the apartment.?  

"I'm guessing that's the case at this point in time. Because that's exactly what he did. He came, knocked, gets a cigarette is able to look inside the door while it's open and decides to come back five minutes later," said Coffey.?

The victim said the second time the man knocked on her door he had a taser.

 "He pulls out of his pocket what she's calling a taser and tases her in the chest. She falls to the floor," said Coffey.?

The victim told police the man grabbed her backpack which was full of important documents. 

"Social security card, some cash, and other miscellaneous items that most people keep in a purse," said Coffey.?

The victim gave police a description of the thief, but unfortunately, they were not able to immediately find the man. Officers say while home invasions are scary it's not something they regularly see.

"And the second time taking that chance of being noticed or recognized it's just not something we hear around here," said Coffey.?

The victim was able to give officers a description of the man and a search is underway.