Tulsa Police: Man Accused Of Shooting Infant Arrested

Thursday, December 26th 2019, 6:18 pm
By: Justin Shrair, Erick Payne

Tulsa Police said Javontay Jones has been arrested and accused of shooting an infant.  Investigators said the shooting happened Thursday afternoon at an apartment complex near 31st and Garnett.

Investigators took Jones into custody Friday morning. They believe he was the man who shot at an SUV on Thursday, hitting an 18-month old in the head.

Police said the child is in critical condition. Tulsa police said that the baby is also undergoing surgery.

Police said the child and its mother were in an SUV in a parking lot at the Meadows Apartments near 31st and Garnett when a man fired shots into the vehicle.

News On 6 was told one of those shots hit the baby, who was sitting in the back of the SUV, in the head.

Police said the mom then drove to an urgent care center just a few hundred feet away from the apartment complex. News On 6 was told that child was then taken to the hospital.

Police spent several hours gathering evidence at both the apartment complex and at the urgent care center where the victim's mother parked her SUV.

Police said there was a lot of conflicting information that they are trying to sort out. They were also talking with witnesses and looking for video.

Lt. Brandon Watkins with Tulsa Police’s Homicide Squad said, "There's a whole lot of bullet holes in that car, so I don't think that's an accident. That being said, we are still trying to figure out why this happened. There's not a lot of cause to shoot a 1-year-old."