Tulsa Nonprofit Gives Out Thousands Of Christmas Toys

Tuesday, December 24th 2019, 5:45 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Mitch Knighten woke up Tuesday morning unsure if he would have a Christmas meal.

"We were sitting up there. We don't have all our food together, and everything was shutting down. Money was short," said Knighten.

The Tulsa man, who has six kids, wants his family to have a good Christmas, but was running out of places to turn.

That all changed when he found an event at his apartment complex, Comanche Park, which is also the largest complex of section 8 housing in the city.

"Lord told us to come out here. It's the place to be right now,” said Knighten.

The event was a Christmas giveaway organized by Brightspot Mobile Family Services, a small nonprofit that helps families in need.

Co-Founder Angela Lane said they've been reaching out on Facebook, collecting everything from groceries to personal hygiene products, and things for kids.

"We've been coming to Comanche Park and in north Tulsa actively for several years. We have kids who we literally see sleep on the floor and have no furniture, no clothes, and no food. It's very common,” said Lane.

That also means a lot of kids here don't get a Christmas.

Lane said they made it their mission. On Tuesday they also handed out thousands of toys for children.

"They need toys at Christmas,” said Lane. “It shows love and joy when somebody takes time out of their day to make sure you have a toy on Christmas Eve. It's just important that all of our kids know that they're important to us, that they're important to God."

This year Knighten and his family plan on having a great Christmas.

"I think this is beautiful. This is really good,” said Knighten. “Real good.”

If you want to donate to Brightspot, you can find more information here.

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