TPS Suggests Relocating Wright Elementary Students To Other Schools

Tuesday, December 17th 2019, 10:43 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

Tulsa Public Schools held a meeting Dec. 17 to discuss where students will likely go to school next year as the district is proposing to shut down four schools.

“What's not calculated is the human cost. The cost really needs to be taken into consideration, it's not just about a $20 million deficit, or maybe saving $500,000 by closing the school, it's the cost toward children. It’s the cost to our parents of their time, resources and their motional resources having to attend to our long meetings," said Kelsey Royce, a parent.

Superintendent Deborah Gist presented at the meeting and answered questions for the parents. Gist said parents will have the option to transfer their kids to any other school in the district that will be open next fall.

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One of the biggest concerns from parents was how the school’s large deaf education program was going to be affected. Gist said the program, including teachers and students, would be moved to Patrick Henry Elementary. Gist said that will keep everyone in the program from being separated and ensures the program is able to grow.

TPS said they will be extending their enrollment period for families affected.

The proposal still has to be voted in by the Tulsa Board of Education in January.