Oklahoma Company Gives Second Chances By Employing Recovering Addicts

Tuesday, December 17th 2019, 10:24 pm
By: Justin Shrair

An Oklahoma company is giving recovering drug addicts a second chance by employing them.

"It feels like when you are a little kid and your parents say you can do whatever you want, and you can achieve all of your dreams,” said Nathan Gormley.

Started by Gormley, a recovered drug addict, Oklahoma Turf & Pest Commission employs other recovering addicts.

Gormley is living his best life and has been clean for more than three years.

"Methamphetamine, manufacturing, and using for almost 20 years until I finally hit rock bottom,” Gormley said.

Gormley said his life turned around when a bed opened at an addiction and recovery center in Tulsa.

“They gave me a place to stay. You get to see councilors and you go through inpatient treatment,” Gormley said.

Since then Gormley has built his company around people recovering from drugs and alcohol. He provides work for people who may be turned down by employers.

Keeley Jackson is his right-hand woman. She used heroin and meth for almost 8 years.

“My dad's best friend is a cop and he said, ‘your daughter is going to die using,’ so my parents were grieving my loss before I was dead,” Jackson said.

Jackson said she went from getting arrested and running from the law to learning how to weld and build fences - all while getting clean. In the meantime, Gormley said he wants everyone to know change is possible and said seeing people like Jackson turn their life around is what's it’s all about.

“I have a lot of mentors and predecessors ahead of me that teach me and guide me through life, so it's a learning process for sure,” Jackson said.

Gormley and Jackson have said they’ve had some big accomplishments since getting clean. They recently went to New York where they finished the NY Marathon. Jackson said she was also able to leave a bad relationship and reconnect with her family.

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